About Me

As an artist and
Visual Effects Supervisor,
I have years of experience
designing, creating, and directing
some of movie's most magical imagery.
I have a comprehensive and in-depth mastery
of end-to-end Virtual Production, Visual Effects,
Editorial, DI, and Post Production workflows.
And because I'm a hands-on computer geek
with excellent interpersonal skills,
I often work on the studio-side
as much as I do embedded
on the vendor-side of a production.
I am just as skilled working directly with Production,  
storyboards, previz, and leading teams on-set,
as I am contributing to breakdowns, budgets,
and guiding large in-house crews of artists
through complex asset builds,
animations, lighting, and
final composites.

I have been nominated for an Oscar three times,
most recently for my contributions to Kong: Skull Island,
and have won twice both Oscar and BAFTA awards 
for Avatar and Forrest Gump.

Over the last 15 years, I have been one of the
industry leaders in Virtual Production and the
persistent drive toward realtime visual effects
and more believable digital characters.
My focus has been on capturing and
faithfully reproducing actor performances
of recognized personalities,
including famous musicians such as
Michael Jackson and the band ABBA.

During this time, I have established and managed
two VFX production companies, and built and overseen
a new production office of 60+ within a large VFX vendor.
I have also hired and managed software
development teams to modernize production workflows
by leveraging machine learning tools for
efficient construction of facial rigs, and
creating a cloud-first production pipeline that,
amongst other things, decentralizes asset management.
These new workflow models have
no reliance on local servers nor local artist workstations,
and effectively reduces office footprints, which has
allowed for rapid scaling of tools, technologies,
and access to global talent.

I am an active member of the
AMPAS Visual Effects branch and the DGA.
I'm also an aspiring master gardener.

For a quick view of my experience, scroll down.
Here is a link to my IMDB and LinkedIn pages.
Here is a PDF of my resume.

Experience & Education

Masters of the Air


Series VFX Supervisor for Playtone, Amblin Television, and Apple Studios. Supervising design, development,
photography, virtual production, and post production
for the upcoming war drama miniseries.


Unreal Engine Virtual Production Fellowship

Six week intensive training program to become
proficient in using Unreal as a DCC package
for Virtual Production.


Virtual ABBA Music Video

Created digital ABBA as their younger selves for an
eight minute video containing
four minutes of complex dialogue
and four minutes of singing.
Stood-up a production company and
implemented a cloud-first pipeline so we could draw
from an international pool of artist talent
while keeping costs down.


Kong: Skull Island

VFX Supervisor for Legendary Pictures. Redesigned Kong and the other creatures in the movie. Storyboarded, previz'd, and
planned the VFX shoots.
Directed 2nd Unit in Vietnam.
Guided vendor work in Post.
Honored with an Oscar nomination in 2018.


Michael Jackson: Slave To The Rhythm

Supervised the recreation of virtual Michael Jackson
posthumously singing and dancing to an
unreleased song live at the
2014 Billboard Music Awards.


Jack The Giant Slayer

Supervised character design, Development, Virtual Production and Shot Production between three offices for the “Giant” sequences at Digital Domain. Oversaw development and implementation of a modernized company-wide character animation pipeline,
includinga performance capture workflow
for humanoid characters.



Supervised the 18 month Performance Capture and 6 month Live Action phases for Weta Digital. Supervised a Shot Production team at
Weta for the final year of Post Production.
Honored with an Oscar win in 2010.


The Waterhorse

Supervised  Live Action photographyfor Weta Digital.

The Shaggy Dog

Supervised  Live Action photography and
Shot Production for Disney.

The Chronicles of Riddick

Supervised Shot Production at Hammerhead.


After The Sunset

Supervised  Live Action photography for New Line.


I, Robot

Supervised  Live Action photography for Weta Digital.

X-men 2: X-men United

Supervised  Live Action photography and
Shot Production for Cinesite.

Big Trouble

Supervised  Live Action photography and
Shot Production for Industrial Light & Magic.


The Perfect Storm

Supervised  Live Action photography
for Industrial Light & Magic.

Snow Falling On Cedars

Supervised  Live Action photography and
Shot Production for Sony Imageworks.


The Postman

Supervised  Shot Production for Sony Imageworks.


Supervised  Live Action photography and
Shot Production for Sony Imageworks.



Supervised  Live Action photography and
Shot Production for Sony Imageworks.


The Indian In The Cupboard

CG Supervisor at Industrial Light & Magic.


Technical Director at Industrial Light & Magic.


Forrest Gump

CG Supervisor at Industrial Light & Magic.
Honored with an Oscar win in 1995.

Jurassic Park

Technical Director at Industrial Light & Magic.


Death Becomes Her

Technical Director at Industrial Light & Magic.

Memoirs of An Invisible Man

Technical Director at Industrial Light & Magic.


Terminator 2: Judgement Day

Technical Director at Industrial Light & Magic.

The Hunt For Red October

Technical Director at Industrial Light & Magic.


Die Hard II

Technical Director at Industrial Light & Magic.

Back To The Future, Part II

Technical Director at Industrial Light & Magic.


The Abyss

Assistant Technical Director at Industrial Light & Magic.


U.C. Berkeley

Bachelor of Arts | Computer Graphics